SuperLady LIVE EXPERIENCE 2014Rahel Abraham, 28, shares her experience. “I enjoyed myself because I thought it was really honest and sincere. I enjoyed the fact that these are people coming from experience, so it just seems like they have a lot to offer… I felt like they had golden nuggets of wisdom,” said Abraham. “I learned how to branch out more and be on an open-minded journey. You’ll be surprised by what happens and to allow that to come in.”

Amy Newball, 30ish shares her experience. “I had an amazing experience and am inspired to keep moving. And as one lady put it, (Cheryl Lacey Donovan), FAITH it until you make it!”

Rementry Holmes, 69yrs young, shares her experience. “To be honest I was kind of reluctant because I kept thinking I’ve gone through this point. I’m beyond that stage. But I think every speaker, seriously, had something to offer that I will share with my granddaughter, my daughter, my sons and I’m excited! I will definitely have some other people come the next time because it was really beneficial.”

Tammi Durden, 40ish, shares her experience. “I am here tonight at SuperLady LIVE MOVEMENT and I am Super Excited! What an EMPOWERING session on today! So much great information shared. I came empty but I’m leaving here full. Absolutely phenomenal” If you have not attended, I highly recommend that you do so. You will be made better as a result! YAY!